David Lawson

We may never be more like God than when we give. After all, the Lord is the most generous giver of all. The Apostle Paul didn’t even have the words to describe God’s magnanimous gift of Jesus, who brought forgiveness and a new life to each of us who believes. He simply called this gift of God’s grace His “indescribable gift” (2 Corinthians 9:15)

Grace Church has a legacy of generosity. Only the Lord Himself knows the number of lives that have been impacted through the generosity of this church over the decades.

We have an opportunity to continue that legacy during this Christmas season. Here are some life-changing opportunities, which are part of this year’s Greatest Gift Christmas Offering.


Medical Debt: It’s no surprise to any of us that many people are buried in medical debt, to no fault of their own, and unable to pay. And the pandemic has even worsened the financial circumstances of many in our community. Through our generosity, we have a unique opportunity to be for our community, and to pay off a large amount of crippling medical debt for cents on the dollar. Our target gift of $40,000 could offset as much as over $900,000 of debt, blessing many families in genuine need in our community.


Campus Planting: All of us are excited about the new campus we anticipate planting in 2022. We have been asking the Lord to allow us to have a regional spiritual impact as we stretch our faith and sharpen our focus to be one church, thousands of locations, and a few campuses. Your gift will provide continuing support for campus planting in our region.

Church Planting, Tampa Bay, FL: Our church has a vision to make disciples in our community, our region, our nation, and our world. For several years now, we have developed relationships with church plants to partner with them in carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to their communities. The Tampa Bay region is another one of those opportunities. Your gift will provide valuable resources to help initiate a regional movement of church planting in the Tampa Bay area.


Asia’s Hope: Our commitment to rescuing 93 kids in 4 homes in 2 different countries (Cambodia and Thailand) has been a moving expression of God’s compassion for the marginalized. Your gift enables our church to continue to demonstrate that compassion in meaningful ways, and especially toward providing financial support for students’ college educations.

Chad, Africa: Many of our churches in the central African countries struggle to have enough trained pastors to lead their churches. Bible Institutes help address that need. Your gift will augment our partnership in Chad, and it will be used to refurbish the Bible Institute campus at Bessao, Chad, which is in great need of rehabilitation and improvement.

Your generosity will result in blessing others from our own neighborhoods to the nations. Thanks for considering an “above and beyond gift” through the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering!

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