Did you ever imagine that social media could be used to share hope with a lost and confused world? Grace Church online is an amazing opportunity to reach people as they scroll on their phones on Sunday morning. We believe that Grace Church online will continue to make the gospel more accessible to more people. Praise Him for amazing technology and ways to reach people even when we can’t meet in our physical building together.

Tomorrow we are excited to launch a NEW online campus called, “Grace Church TV!” In addition to streaming our services on YouTube Live and  Facebook Live , we now have the capability to house our own online campus! Beginning tomorrow, you can stream our services at 10:15 in three different ways:  Grace Church TV, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. We believe God will continue to use our presence on social media to help the gospel go further and faster than we ever thought or imagined.

The biggest benefits to streaming church through the Grace Church TV platform is that it is designed to have online church, rather than us finagling other platforms to become online church! It helps eliminate distractions and provides us with more opportunities to connect with someone tuning in. There are benefits to each platform, so don’t get caught up in which one to choose. Just watch somewhere, invite someone to join you and let’s celebrate Jesus’ presence together, even when we have to stay at home! Here are the options to stream and to watch on demand. See you online tomorrow!


Streaming Options at 10:15:

Grace Church TV Facebook Live  YouTube Live

Watch Church Anytime On Demand

Website Download the App YouTube Vimeo


Invite a friend, share this image to your phone and invite someone to join you!