It’s 1:00 in the morning and mom and dad are fighting again. The child is 8 years old and his mom and dad don’t know that the little guy is sitting near the cracked open door of his bedroom listening…his heart is so sad as he hears his mom and dad, the same mom and dad that were smiling and so happy at church that morning, screaming at each other. Things seem so broken. So, hopeless…

This story could be told by many, many families in different ways and it leaves us wondering… is there any hope?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES because… 

Real hope for the family starts in me then moves to we.

Real hope for the young boy is not found in his parents… Real hope for the parents is not found by simply stopping the fight… Real hope for the family starts inside of each of us when we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ (Romans 10: 9-10). We find this hope when we decide it is not about me, but about what Jesus can do in and through me!

Here in Grace Kids we are thankful that God does not want our hope to stop only inside of us… God wants us to move from me to we. When Jesus is working IN each of us then we can partner together to make a difference. How powerful is it when the family and the church are working  together?!  OH, there is hope when that happens!!

And this is the reason for launching this blog. We want to partner with you and help bring the REAL HOPE of JESUS to you and your family!

Welcome to the Grace Kids Blog and thank you for allowing us to partner with you on this journey!