Life. Love. Victory.

Do these words come to mind when you think of Easter? Are you overwhelmed with the thought of life when you read of how Christ was sentenced to be crucified? Is love what you think about knowing that people beat Jesus in unthinkable ways? When you picture the Son of God hanging on the cross, does that image make you think of victory?

If you are a follower of Jesus, the answer should be YES! Why?

Because Jesus is alive!

While these seventy-two hours could be viewed as heartbreak and defeat, there is so much more to the story. God had a plan and it was far bigger and better than anything anyone had ever experienced before. This plan would change absolutely everything forever.

Before taking on the cross and the grave, Jesus made a promise. He promised that He would save all people, including you and me. He did this by carrying the heavy sin of the world, nailing it to the cross, and burying it. Once and for all.

The absolute greatest act of love occurred when we gained life through the victory that took place in those seventy-two hours.

Our story does not end on the cross, but begins at the empty tomb. Jesus is alive and we are alive in Him! It is because of that empty tomb that we are given abundant life, genuine love, and endless victory.

This weekend, we are excited to celebrate this truth with your kids. That Jesus is alive!

As we begin the Easter weekend, take time to pause to reflect on the selfless sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross as a family. But don’t stop there! Together, rest in the hope that is found in the empty tomb!

Celebrate! Jesus is alive!