Every child needs to be loved, but not every child feels loved the same way—in the same language.  Do you know how to best show love to your child?  Do you know your child’s love language?

There are five main love languages according to family counselor and author, Gary Chapman:  words of affirmation, meaningful touch, quality time, acts of service, and gifts.

How can you tell what your child’s love language is?  Start by thinking about what your child asks for most often.  Does he consistently ask you if you like his Lego creation?  He probably feels loved best with words of affirmation.  Does she love to sit and snuggle with you?  Her love language is probably meaningful touch.

You can also think about the ways your child likes to show you or others love.  Is your child eager to help you with the laundry or dusting?  Acts of service is probably the key to showing this kid love.  Are you bombarded with dandelions and special creations from your child?  This child may need an occasional gift to really feel loved.

One of the greatest needs your child has is to feel loved by you.  To find out more about the five love languages of your kids, check out this podcast with Gary Chapman.