Take a minute to think. Seriously. Right now. Just take a moment to think about the people in your life. The people you see in the office at work, in the drop-off lane at school, when going for a walk in the neighborhood, when going to a service on Sunday morning, or when walking into the front door.

People are in every part of our lives and in each of those relationships we have to choose the type of influence that we have in their life. This isn’t just any normal influence that we have, but it is an influence that has the ability to change someone’s life. It is an influence that has the ability to impact a person’s view of God because the reality is that YOU might be the only example of Jesus that they know. We have the choice to use our influence to take our relationships to the next level by showing love and gratitude to the people that God has put in our lives!

But how?! We’re glad you asked!

Every week this month we are going to acknowledge the people that we are thankful for and explore the different ways to show them gratitude. Colossians 4:2 tells us to devote ourselves to prayer with a thankful heart, and that is exactly what we are going to do this November! Join us in serving and praying for the people in your life that give your heart a reason to be thankful.


Week 1: Do something as a family to show the neighbors to your left and to your right why you are thankful for them. Spend time praying for them every day this week and do something to encourage them! It can be anything from baking them a fresh batch of cookies or inviting them over for a game night.

Week 2: Ask someone that you know from church about how you can pray for them this week! It could be a Grace Group Leader, someone who you see in your row every week, or this could be an opportunity to make a new friend!

Week 3: Have each person in your family do something kind for each of the people that live in your home to let them know why you are thankful for them! Leave them a note, help them with one of their responsibilities around the house, or take a moment to tell them in person something that you appreciate about them.

Week 4: Last, but definitely not least, take time every day this week to make a list of at least 5 different things that your family can thank God for and spend time as a family praising God for each of those things!


This month, let’s come together to show the people in our lives what they mean to us!

Let us know what your family is doing to show others your gratitude this month by using #GKThankfulThursdays on Facebook and Instagram!