Jeff Walter – The Greatest Gift Christmas Offering

“The thrill of hope” can mean so many things in so many different contexts.  As the song goes, “thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”  There is always hope for something new, for something fresh, for something exciting, even for those that can’t see it. Perhaps the hope is for a fresh Christmas, a different story, and a breath of fresh air.  The thrill of hope can look different in many contexts because reality is different in some many areas of the world.  Having the hope of fresh water is real in many parts of the world.  In Wayne County there are many that have the hope of a present because they didn’t receive one last year.  And there are those in our county and region that are searching for life change but they don’t know where to find it.

Grace Church wants to be the hands and feet of Jesus to bring hope to our world.  The Greatest Gift Christmas Offering is a way to deliver more hope together than we could apart.  This opportunity is unlike many others, as your investment is in the currency of life change. You and I have the opportunity to provide HOPE this Christmas season.

Here are the life changing opportunities a part of the 2018 Greatest Gift Christmas Offering.


Water for Good is going to end water poverty by the year 2030 in the CAR.  This is a war torn country that is in desperate need of hope.  Children and adults wake up every day without clean water, an aspect of life that very few of us in the US struggle with.  Providing clean water to Africa is one of the easiest ways to spread physical and spiritual health.

Medical Center in Chad Africa: You have seen the commercials and news reports about medical needs in Africa.  This year be a part of the solution.  We are going to help outfit a medical center in Roro, Africa.  This is an area with a large population and many people with medical needs.  Many children have died of Malaria and other diseases in this region due to the lack of sound medical care.  Your gift will provide hope to those who feel it is out of reach.


Church Planting (Main Street Chelsea & Three Creeks Church): Grace Church has a legacy of investing in the future.  As our country transitions to a time where church isn’t that important in the average family’s week, we want to provide opportunities for the church to reach families.  We are partnering with 2 churches that are thriving and planting the flag of life change.  Three Creeks Church in Columbus, OH and Main Street Church in Chelsea, Michigan are leading the charge.  These churches are baptizing, making disciples and providing hope to families that need it in our backyard.


Give JOY: Children all over Wayne County are searching for hope and this Christmas season you have the opportunity to provide it.  Give a child a Christmas this year by providing them with a scooter. We are partnering with Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and Wayne County Children Services to give scooters to at-risk children in our community. How exciting will it be when you see a local kid riding a scooter and you had the opportunity to provide it for them?

Internships: Grace Church’s internship program has long been about investing in the next generation.  The exciting aspect of this program is that the “next generation” 15 years ago is now leading the church to new heights.  Many of those who were once interns are now serving in full time ministry and investing in the next generation themselves.  Invest in the next generation today for returns that will be seen tomorrow and decades to come.

Let’s rally as a Church and provide a Christmas to those that don’t have a Christmas.  Let’s provide hope to those that can’t see it.  Let’s invest in the next generation.  Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Don’t give a dollar just to give a dollar.  Give a dollar to provide the thrill of hope!

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