This weekend we got the chance to share the love of Jesus to people in Cleveland. So many great things happened, and these students worked hard to make sure people saw Jesus through them. Here is a glimpse of what we did on this trip. We started the trip off by splitting up and going to two different areas. A group had the opportunity to go into neighborhoods here in Cleveland and pass out flyers to advertise for an event for Gateway Community Church, the church we were partnering with. The second was a group of students who went to a recreation center and were part of an event for kids who have not yet experienced the hope of Jesus.

We saw our 7th and 8th grade students step out of their comfort zone as they played with the kids who lived in the area. One of our girls made a connection with a little boy from the rec center, Carlos. Her face lit up as she watched the joy Carlos had from her being present and listening to him. This was a huge step for this particular student as she just accepted Christ for the first time last month at Beyond Camp! A girl, who recently came from death to life, made a difference in Carlos’ life! God did some great things in the hearts of our students and helped them be difference makers both in Cleveland and in Wayne County.

As a team, we trained our students how to share their story with others, and challenged them to do that this weekend. Day after day, the students were willing to share their story with leaders and each other without being prompted to. Through this, they got to know each other better and became more comfortable opening up with new people. As a take home challenge we encouraged them to share their story with their parents. We can’t wait to hear about it!

We’re excited to see what the rest of the summer brings as we continue to go out and be the salt and lights of the earth! #WeAreDifferenceMakers