Jake Lawson

Our thoughts are powerful. If the inner conflict in our mind goes unchecked, we can find ourselves believing self-imposed narratives or things that aren’t even true. Ralph Waldo Emerson warns, “Beware of what you set your mind on because that you surely will become.” Pastor Nick taught us that our life moves in the direction of our strongest thoughts. I’m confident in saying that all of us have, at one point or another, given into these narratives. When this happens, we aren’t living the life God intended for us.

If we want the full life God has for us and want to avoid being our own worst enemy, we must notice our narratives and square them with Scripture. In order to combat these narratives, we need to look for the thing beneath the thing. These are triggers or insecurities that fuel these self-imposed narratives. After we find the thing beneath the thing we need to tell ourselves truth. Just as negative thoughts are powerful, positive and truthful statements are even more powerful.

What is the truth that we should be telling ourselves?

Here, you will find many truths that you can and should tell yourself in order to demolish the false narratives in your life:

Words to Live By

For more information, check out Craig Groeschel’s 3 Steps For Finding Your Words to Live By here:


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